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AIoT Security Made Effortless

The problem of knockoffs

Electronic devices are easy to be copied.
The loss caused by knockoffs exceeds
hundreds of billions of dollars every year!

The risk of intrusion

34.3 million IoT devices were hacked in 2019.
This number has dramatically increased year by year!

ECOLUX hits the biggest pain points of IoT Industry

IoT Security is top priority in the industry chain of IoT devices. However, there are many challenges in manufacturing process.

Time-consuming secure system development

Increasing requirements of secure production

The lack of secure update system

thingsPKI Core Value

Satisfying customers is always our mission. Based on the pain points of IoT Industry, we provide:

安全方案零編程 (Zero Coding)

Zero Coding

安全保護全週期 (Secure Lifecycle)

Lifecycle Security

安全問題秒解決 (Quick Support)

High Efficiency

thingsPKI Solutions

Tailored IoT Security Solution

thingsPKI Solutions

Tailored IoT Security Solution

Ecosystem Partners

ECOLUX provides leading AloT security solutions through our global network.

Ecosystem Partners

ECOLUX collaborates closely with well-known semiconductors and IoT cloud platforms in the world, to bring you the state-of-the-art AIoT security services and products, by offering high data security, advanced technology, and profit increase to clients.