Firmware Encryption & Protection Service

Firmware Encryption & Protection Service (FEPS) protects IoT devices from being cloned, which could make result in a severe impact in terms of financial performance and market share. FEPS also protects IC firmware from being reverse-engineered, making it a lot harder for hackers to discover vulnerabilities in their systems, a disaster that IoT device manufacturers would not want to trade their efforts for.

“Thanks to the amazing technologies from ECOLUX, we’re able to implement state-of-the-art security in our products quickly, allowing us to shorten our R&D cycle and focus on developing the best products.”
— Dr. Biing-Seng Wu, Founder & Chairman of Himax Technologies
  • Zero Coding

    With PiLock®, even inexperienced engineers are able to protect their firmware within 10 minutes without coding. It significantly saves IoT developer’s time and reduces manufacturer’s cost of building a team of security experts and senior engineers to do the exact same things for months. We help developers accelerate the process of implementing firmware security into embedded systems in some simple steps.
  • Secured Lifecycle

    IoT devices always go through a lifecycle where the firmware is exposed to many potential threats. FEPS provides the total solution to secure the entire lifecycle of IoT devices. On top of secure development, FEPS also adds secure firmware delivery, secure manufacturing, secure firmware update and secure disposal to the scope of protection.
  • High Compatibility

    With FEPS, IoT developers don’t have to worry about the compatibility between their product and the security solution anymore, as our solution is compatible with most MCUs on the planet, no matter where the firmware is located in, either built-in or external flash. Worried about not knowing how to use security chips like TrustZone MCUs to protect your firmware? Rest assured as FEPS will help you to use security chips easily just like a General Purpose MCU.

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