FEPS is designed to reduce the hassle of IoT developers by allowing them to implement robust security features on their devices and focus critical resource on core business instead.

  • Shorten Time to Market

    IoT developers can use PiLock to protect their firmware in less than 10 minutes, shortening the entire development cycle, getting time to market, and giving your R&D engineers more time to focus on developing important algorithms in your product.
  • Cost Effectiveness

    FEPS brings affordable embedded security to your products, providing them with state-of-the-art security technologies. What you’ll get eventually is a more secure product and a shorter R&D cycle.
  • Security Enhancement

    FEPS is capable of enhancing your IoT device’s security, no matter what kind of MCU you’re using. This protects you from suffering from economical loss or damage to your business reputation, caused by knockoffs or hacking.

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