Secured Lifecycle

During production, IoT devices go through a lifecycle where the firmware is exposed to many potential threats. ECOLUX Chip Security Service provides the total solution that covers the security of the entire lifecycle.

  • With ECOLUX, developers don’t need to worry about the firmware being stolen during the delivery or manufacturing phase anymore. Even if the firmware is compromised by unauthorized personnel in the process, they can’t extract any useful information out of it since everything is already encrypted.

    To bring the most robust security to your IoT devices, we have to make sure that the firmware is always in a protected state, no matter if it’s being programmed or updated. Therefore we will have to make sure that your firmware is already encrypted from the moment it leaves your office for mass production.

    However, the process of most firmware updates are unsafe. Our Chip Security Service provides a complete and secure update process for the firmware, so that the it can stay in a protected state before and after the update. Thus, from the beginning to the end, ECOLUX Chip Security Service is designed to protect the entire lifecycle of your firmware, preventing them from being cloned or reverse-engineered.

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